Websites Built For Every Device

At Tensai we believe that every feature should be available to your customers, no matter what device they are using. Accessing content on multiple devices, from desktops and tablets to laptops and phones, is now a normal part of our lives, which makes responsive design a critical component of your website. This simple, flexible approach supports improved customer engagement at multiple touch points to increase conversions and grow your business.

Websites To Fit All Devices

With responsive Website design, site navigation varies by device so users always have a seamless experience. As each device dictates a certain display behavior, responsive layouts shift automatically to ensure that touch regions are big enough for users to click, swipe and hover.

Rapid Development

Our responsive websites leverage an extensive library of code that we've spent years building. This means faster updates and features to your website. Faster development = lower cost to you.

Mobile Ready Layouts

Smaller resolutions require compact layouts and functionality. This simplified layout provides customers with smoother navigation and greater interactivity across multiple devices, which means more conversions for you.

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