New Visitors = More Conversions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) are the premise of our business model. From design to integration, modern SEO and SEM are about developing based on competitive analysis; this means, we do not build websites without them being search engine friendly. In short, Tensai will put all our considerable SEO and SEM expertise into making your website a leader on the search engines.

We Play By The Rules

We do not use "black hat" methods to get higher rankings like other companies. We employ our own SEO best practices to make your product pages rank-worthy, and ultimately help your brand and website achieve a trusted status among both customers and search engines.

SEO and Social Sharing

Quality social media is engaging, shareable and fresh. We also know that a major SEO component of eCommerce websites is product reviews. As more than 50% of buyers want to read customer reviews before purchasing, we integrate review functionality in every product page of your site to promote excellent SEO returns.

We Monitor Daily

SEO is dynamic and requires continuous testing and analysis to identify areas of improvement and adjust your website for optimal performance.

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