We Are Creative Nerds.

In Japanese, the term Tensai refers to a “genius.” When it comes to development and design, we feel that every business deserves a genius. Well, an affordable genius.

We’re a full-service digital agency - this means that we can design anything and can code in any language, without having to outsource to any companies overseas. We bring our product design and software engineering skill set from Silicon Valley to Central Valley to help increase the quality of web services in this area. An affordable, full service studio to build whatever website, marketing, print, logo, software project you need? That's genius.

We Know Business.

The very first step we take is understanding why we are design + building a project for your company. Anyone can design anything for you, but it takes a certain level of touch to know why. When that question is answered, more attention to timing and detail is paid. That's genius.

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Meet Tensai

Who are the geniuses
Managing Partner & UI/UX Designer and Engineer
Lead Full-Stack Engineer
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